Audrey’s Favorite Things Week 1

I’ve wanted to do something a little different on this blog for a while… I have the space, why not use it for a little extra content every once in a while? I’ll be posting some of my favorite things. This week is favorite Etsy finds!

I’m a huge fan of Etsy and handmade things in general. If you haven’t explored this site yet, I suggest you make an account right now! I think all of these products are amazing, and I hope you do, too!


1. Never Empty Handed 8×10 Giclee Art Print by ClareElsaesser, $25.00

2. Decorative Bicycle Pillow Cover by AppleWhite, $50.00

3. Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium by ABJglassworks, $85.00

4. Black and Gray Kilim Fabric Clutch by kertis, $48.00

5. Vintage 1940s Metal Desktop Alarm Clock in Deep Burgundy Red by TheNewRomanticsDecor, $35.15

6. Blue Myself 12×18 Art Print by AndrewHeath, $10.00

F a c e b o o k